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Who are we?

We first met in London in 2013. She is Italian, he is Brazilian. In the last years, we’ve been living and traveling in between Brazil, Italy, Portugal, and the UK. Currently, we live in Portugal, developing this travel blog and other projects.

How did we start our travel blog?

Once, during a chat, we had the idea to start a travel blog. We don’t really recall who came up with it, but we found ourselves already making plans.
Before that, we had written to friends some tips about places we visited or lived in. And we enjoyed it. Writing a blog wouldn’t be much different…so we thought.

How do we travel?

In our lives, we did a bit of everything related to trips: long vacations, short getaways, camping, hostels, backpacking, lodgings, hotels, bed&breakfast, Couchsurfing. Because we don’t have a house anymore, we visit places, family, and friends around the globe. For this, we usually choose Airbnb houses.

Living longer in a place, we get to know a bit more about the city and the country; this is an experience that tourists who usually travel for short time, can’t guess. Taking public transports, living far from the touristic areas, buying groceries at the closest street market give us the point of view of a local. And we really like that.

We also travel for food&drink

When we arrive in a new city, we look forward to trying the taste of the place. It could be a local dish, a beverage, a new recipe, an exotic spice or just a different way to cook, eat and drink. We try every new little thing we see and that is one of our favorite pleasures.

Contact us

If you have any comment, idea, suggestion, complaint, please drop us a line at tripsloverstravelblog@gmail.com.
And if you like our blog, follow us on Instagram.

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